Hello world!

Well – this marks my first blog post!

The goals of this little venture:

1) Share pics of my trips and adventures

2) Keep family and friends up-to-date with my ever changing locations!

3) Not exactly sure about the third reason but you should have lists in 3s

Alyssa and I leave Wednesday for India! Really excited about this trip – our trip so far reads as follows:

Leave Nov 23 – Arrive in India Nov 25 – Party and celebrate the wedding of a good friend Nov 28,29,30 – Go see the Taj Mahal Dec 4 & 5 – Spend a couple nights in Jaipur -Jump on a train Dec 8 from Jaipur to Mumbai – Hang out with friend in Mumbai: hopefully see the Elephanta caves, trip to Goa,  go to a Naval Military Ball, whatever else happens – Catch a plane out of Mumbai Dec 13 – Arrive home Dec 14

Along the way I hope to add pictures both to the blog and to facebook! I think my assignment to myself will be to pick out two pictures that really say something about our experiences that day and post them on the blog with a short blurp …hopefully the internet situation allows for this to happen!

…As they say out west…HAPPY TRAILS!!!!

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