The “Thanks” in Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the things that you are grateful for in life. Although, you really shouldn’t wait till the 4th Thursday in November to be appreciative; it should be one of those things you do on a daily basis. About a year ago, I was having a rough time and remembered a little exercise that Reverend Pat gave in church (she calls it homework) – every day find 3 things to be grateful for and affirm your thanks for those things – it is pretty amazing how that little homework session can turn a day around and make you really stop and appreciate the beauty and gifts in life. When it all gets down to it there is really only one good phrase (in my mind) to sum up the blessing and character building experiences that happen in life:  “It’s a God thing”

Being that Alyssa and I will be in Frankfurt, Germany the 4th Thursday of November flying on Lufthansa (and I’m pretty sure they DON’T celebrate Thanksgiving…hethans!), Thanksgiving was celebrated early in our house. Our family has become the home that takes in people from all walks of life at Thanksgiving (90% being college students or friends of Alyssa’s with no where else to go) – we have had the privileged to welcome people from all over the world (for some their very 1st Thanksgiving!). It is probably one of my favorite holidays, not just for the food, but for the joining (and fellowship to use the term) of all sorts of personalities.

Even though we celebrated a little early we still managed to have a good crowd of people gather and partake in the divine culinary treats (well more like traditional-down home-Southern-Thanksgiving cookin’), good conversation, and lots of laughter. Even Ruby managed to grab a turkey leg before she was apprehended and forced to give it up. Below is a little collage immortalizing the feast and fun. (well I’m actually not sure what will show up below as I haven’t done this before!)


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