Don’t Underestimate the Bargaining Power

Rule #1 – if you are coming to shop in India learn the rules of bargaining so you don’t get taken for all you have!

Hint #1 from the locals: When given a price, counter with half that price and go from there. Hint #2 – Don’t be afraid to walk away, often times you will hear a voice offering just above the price you wanted which means you probably finally have a good deal.

Today I was amazed as I watched my friend bargain with Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut. Why? Well he is ordering a big amount of food for his wedding reception and bargained the total price down about 20,000Rs ….who knew!!!

So if you know what you are doing there are deals to be had pretty much everywhere! 

Closing remarks: Don’t attempt this in the States unless you want to be laughed (or physically forced) out of the store

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