Namaste Ya’ll

We have arrived in India. Looks like internet could be a little bit of an issue for this first part of the trip so this will be quick and summarized as best possible.

We are having a great time! Things to point out

1) The traffic in New Delhi is UNREAL (unlike anything I’ve every experienced – I’m pretty sure I died about 6 times today)

2) The food is AMAZING

3) The wedding is going to be fantab! (new word add it to Webster’s)

Today we toured through a market Dilli Haat (spelling?) – didn’t do a ton of shopping but had fun watching our friend Aman bargin and picked up a couple things. Here are some pics!

The wedding festivities start the 27th – and it will be three days of lots of fun and cultural immersion.

All for now!



4 responses to “Namaste Ya’ll

  1. Too cool! I know – the traffic is amazing to us, but considering how crazy it gets, there are hardly any accidents! When you come home you will have almost as much culture shock as going. The streets are going to be too quiet, and you will miss all the bright clothing – promise!

    • πŸ™‚ Anita – my sister said that no wonder Taxi drivers are mainly Indian, after driving over here they laugh at the traffic in the states! πŸ™‚ The next three days are going to be grand, we are looking forward to wearing our suits in bright colors!

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