Participate in an Indian Wedding – Check!

Bright colors, music, dancing, lots of food, fun, and laughter are all words that describe Indian celebrations – now times that by about 100 and you have a phenomenal Indian wedding.

 To be a part of an Indian wedding surpassed everything that I thought it would be. From the delicious dishes that are never ending, the bright and vivid hues of various saris, suits, and lehengas, jewels, and the rich culture behind each function – it has overloaded all 5 senses.

Then there are the Indian women – they are intimidatingly beautiful on a normal day. Now take that, dress it up in rich colors and heavily embroidered fabrics, add exotic jewelry plus stunning makeup…STUNNING!

Words can’t express the opulence of the wedding ceremony of the past two days – the groom’s family “bachelor” party hosted approximately 150 people, the ceremony close to 450 people, and an estimated 700-1000 at the reception. No detail is too small and nothing overlooked for every moment is of utmost importance.

Today is a day of rest after the last 20hours of ceremonies, dancing, eating, and celebration of two becoming one. I was lucky to be surrounded by people who took time to explain each function and what was going on. Not only to be invited, but to be adopted as part of the family (for me the groom side) and included in everything aspect of the occasion is the only way that I recommend experiencing an Indian wedding. For it is truly an experience that just can not be topped.

Tomorrow we celebrate at the groom’s reception and it is a guaranteed good time.

Some of the “clicks” that I’ve captured over the past couple days to hopefully portray what I’ve been apart of.


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