The Epic Fail

Every trip has at least one “Epic Fail Moment” and ours was yesterday.

The Elephanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site –, was on my to-see list and, not wanting to battle any weekend crowds, was chosen as the Monday to-do activity.

As we picked up our tickets to ride from the Gateway to India to the Caves there was a sign that read “Closed on Mondays”….BUT the man at the counter assured us that there was some stuff still open and we could still go.

The boat ride was 1 hour and it was nice to see some of the Navy vessels and a nice view of Bombay from the sea. Upon arrival to the island, walking a mile, hiking a mile up-hill, we found the following sign:

the Only thing that was available for viewing (after a good 500meter+ hike straight uphill) was ….

a very old cannon (the view was nice)

So sweat soaked, 2lbs lighter, muscles screaming, we trekked back to the boat and back to Bombay.

Lesson learned: Next time a sign says that a monument is closed – visit a museum and don’t listen to the little man behind the ticket counter.

All was not lost…here are some photos


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