New Adventure, New Career, New Life

In my opinion life is one big adventure made up of sections of mini-adventures. Well it sounds better than the ole’ “life is a book that you live in chapters”, at least I think so.

My next adventure is a bundle several things:

1) Becoming a Professor of Travel and Hospitality at UNOH (University of Northwestern Ohio)

2) Moving to Ohio (in the winter)

3) Searching for a house to buy over the next 6months

4) Teaching…

The moving to Ohio part I’m actually not that worried about. I have a cool house to rent for 6months (see picture gallery) that is within 10min of campus and 5min of a city park, I have friends within 2 hours just in case I get a case of the lonelys, and I’ll have Ruby! (Plus I discovered a Buffalo Wild Wings, two coffee joints that don’t have a Mc or Star in their names, and it is basketball season .. so how bad can it really be?)

The challenges (and I won’t say scary because that would imply that I”m more petrified than I should be) are going to be all things becoming a Professor and searching for a house to buy. Buying a house could potentially be the most mind-boggling at the moment, talk about a commitment. The way I figure the teaching is this: the first year is gonna be tough, I’ll have some moments where I go home, hug my dog, call my dad for advice, and there probably will be some crying. Then I’ll get up, shake it off, and tackle whatever the challenges are. Face it, the first year of any new job is a beast. The second year I’ll get the hang of it and start having some fun and by year three I’ll know if this is what I want to spend my life doing (and start looking at getting a PhD if it is).

So in the mean time, let the adventure begin!



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