To-Go in 2012

It is just amazing how time flies, I can’t even imagine that 2011 is over! The whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing doesn’t really work for me in the traditional sense of “start working out, eat less, blah blah” – very bland. So I have come up with a list of ten places that I want to explore in 2012. I’m thinking that with the amazing schedule of my new job – this should be rather do-able!

Top Ten Places to Visit/Explore in 2012

1. Explore Ohio – wine tours, Amish country, and nature retreats – might as well learn about the new state that I’m living in!

Spotlight Excursion:

Where to stay: Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls (they have pet friendly cabins and cottages!) – What to do: Explore Hocking Hills State Park (and the zipline!)

2. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail – This is just cool! (If possible do the “Urban Bourbon Trail” in Louisville as well!)

3. Blackberry Farms – This little excursion will require some serious saving, but absolutely worth it (and pet friendly!)

4. Chicago – never been and it is only 4.5 hours away now!

5. Shawshank Trail Tour – I’ve never seen the movie, so I’m thinking that this would be a great movie & excursion

6. Sandusky, OH = Cedar Point Amusement Park: I was told this is a must do and have a couple of friends plus a brother who are particularly interested in this little get-a-way!

7. Take a Cruise – the cruise is pretty much going to happen as it is part of a class that I’m teaching – however I’m going to make myself get off and go do some exploring of on my own at one of the stops (ie. not on a guided tour, just go get down with the locals)

8. New Zealand – possibly the most exotic (ok it is the most exotic) destination on the list. This is going to be my “big” trip for the year! Initially I was thinking to do Australia/New Zealand but I think I’ll leave Australia for its own little trip! December 2012 is when I’m targeting for 2 weeks of awesomeness of catching up with friends and tooling around somewhere new and awesome!

9.  New England – I haven’t really narrowed down where to go. Having never been to any of the New England states I’m thinking wherever I end up will be pretty neat!

10. “Wherever I Land” – This is the wild card section where anything can happen.

My “to-go” list is always changing and growing – I have people who I want to visit and places that have yet to be explored. With the exception of trips 7 & 8, Ruby will be my faithful co-pilot and travel companion. For those of you on Team Ruby, don’t worry about trip 7 as Ruby will have only the best of dog-sitters (my parents). For trip 8, Ruby will have her own vacation down in Florida at the “Titusville Dog Retreat” (a.k.a. my parent’s house) where she enjoys swimming in the lagoon, chasing squirrels, and hanging out in the yard with my parents.

So here is to 2012 and whatever it may bring! Cheers!

4 responses to “To-Go in 2012

  1. This is an awesome list! I can tell you this all for certain: If you drive to Chicago, do NOT get off the highway in Gary, IN. You will die.

    My suggestions for New England, pending how much time you factor in:
    -See Boston (Beacon Hill is beautiful, Newbury St. has insanely fancy shopping and it pretty to walk down, go to Faneuil Hall, tour the Sam Adams brewery.)
    -See Martha’s Vineyard/The Cape (Provincetown is a BLAST in the summer. Go to a drag show if you go there and just walk around – it’s home to a huge artists’ community and a cuh-razy gay community.) Go on a whale watch.
    -Go to the coast of Maine (up by Bar Harbor is so pretty.) Also there are a zillion lovely little islands you can ferry to – Peak’s Island and Monhegan are two of my favorites.
    -See the White Mountains in NH. Visit Lake Winnipesaukee (where my family lives!) – if you’re there in June, go to bike week in Laconia for a day. You won’t forget it… what a zoo! Drive the Kancamangus Highway if you go in the Fall. Stay at one of the Grand hotels (Mount Washington, Mountain View, Etc.) Mostly stay in Northern NH if you visit (Lakes Region and North of there.) Everything south of there is wall-to-wall suburbia.
    – All of Vermont is lovely – Burlington is a very cool little town (Pearl Street and the Magic Hat Brewery are pretty cool.) Also, the drive up I-89 from NH to Burlington is pretty.

    I don’t know much about Southern New England hot spots in CT or RI – stick to the sea cost if you visit those states. I know The Breakers/mansions in Newport, RI are unreal – you can tour some of them. Plum Island is also pretty neat.

    Obviously this list isn’t all-inclusive… let me know if you seriously plan a trip there!

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