So Far, So Good

Surviving the first week of school is typically a monumental event regardless of where you are in the school food-chain. I have not only survived my first week of school but also my first Ohio snow days, first week of life in Ohio, first experience with a furnace/fireplace and the list could continue. What are my biggest lessons learned?

1) I think I”m really gonna dig this teaching thing!!

2) Owning an older house is the pitts and I’m glad I’m renting!

3) Ruby loves snow

4) Meijer is a store like Wal-Mart – but better (people are still weird but so it goes). The best feature is the international food aisle with all sorts of goodies from India to England.

5) The motor sports industry is really neat – having sat in on a talk by Nick Sutton, the jackman for Kenny Wallace, I have learned the following: there are 6 members of a pit-crew (2 tire carriers, 2 tire changers, 1 jackman, & 1 gas man), motor sports is a hard industry and to be successful you must network, work hard, and be professional at all times, and, last but not least, there are some pretty nice lookin’ fellows in the industry. (ok so that last part is really just a side note)

6) I forgot how much I missed going to basketball games.

…and lastly, having attended my first College of Business faculty meeting and listening to the President of the University (Dr. Jarvis) speak, I truly believe that I made the right decision in coming to work for UNOH. Which brings me to my last point.


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