The Favorite Resting Locations of Ruby

Ruby has several resting/viewing  locations in the house – all of which allow for “world watching” with various vantage points.

Position 1: The Chair/Guard Position – this is her normal location while I’m at work. I leave a front curtain open so that she can take in what is happening in front of the house. I tell her everyday when I leave that she is in charge, so I guess she feels this is the best location to guard from..


Position 2: Front door Open – While I’m home she will move between the back door viewing area and the front door viewing area 


Position 3:  Back Door with the Glass Closed – Here she takes in the sights but is unable to sniff or have immediate access to squirrel chase (this is her least favorite option, but it keeps my toes from freezing off)

Position 4:  In the Back Yard – She loves the cooler weather and will often go into the yard and just plop down in the snow (or she will sometimes sit on the deck, also prime squirrel chasing location)

Position 5: Back Door with Glass Open – There are a couple of variations on this position – however it is by far her favorite viewing station in the house for several reasons 1) She can sniff to her heart’s content and 2) (Most importantly) she is in prime position to explode from her viewing station to chase off any squirrels who dare cross into her yard – This would be my least favorite because I freeze to death working at the table


…As my mother would say, “It is All About the Rubes”


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