Listening to Darius Rucker makes me want to drink, and other randomness

Life has continued to transition along here in Lima – the past few weeks have been a mixture of elation, hysterics, frustration, stress, and debauchery, with a constant dose of laughter.  Never a dull moment!!

Headlines could possibly read:

Homelessness averted for UNOH teacher and dog: Ruby and I are staying in our little Spring Street home! Now to look into purchasing a bed and some furniture (and a TV) – I’m thinking this could mean a field trip to West Chester IKEA

Florida driver’s license confiscated: Yes, I am now an official Ohio resident! I must say that the staff at the Allen County Title/DMV place were the nicest ever! Albiet I did almost cry when I handed over my FL license, but Onward and Upward!!

Inspirational Speech by Award Winning Coach in Lima, OH: I had the opportunity to hear Coach Bobby Bowden speak at the UNOH Event Center. Very good speaker and told some funny stories. The take-home message for the night was to make yourself available to God and good things will happen. Not to be irreverent but bad things almost happened for the group of snot-nosed, babble-mouth brats that were sitting behind me – after finally turning around and telling them to zip it (politely of course) I didn’t know who I wanted to string up more, the kids or the persons supposed to be chaperoning them!

Lima dives frequented by fun-loving Vinos: The Pub, The Chateaux, Pappys, & Applebees – what do these places have in common? They have been recently frequented by a group of amazingly fun people! The best part, to date, about Lima has been the people who I’ve been lucky to meet. I’ve landed in with a fun-loving group of folks who know how to go out and have a great time – there is always laughter (and hugs!) … I love it!

Stuart firm hires bona fide, quirky, fashion forward engineer: I take this moment to congratulate my sister on finally landing a job in her field of study. She has been searching for a while and is finally going to get some experience on her resume. Alyssa-Mouse-Child, for your perseverance, persistence, and failure to give up attitude – I salute you and Ruby waggles her tail!

I could go on but instead I leave with a few clicks that I picked up in the past few days – nothing spectacular but better than nothing!

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Bowling – Check!

Did you know that the sport of bowling can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians? Me neither and, until last night, I had never bowled. This little tidbit about myself seemed to spark an interesting reaction in people: “You’re Kidding!”; “What is wrong with you?!”; “Have you been living under a rock?!”; or, as heard in India, “You call yourself an American?” – People, it’s bowling, what the hey?!

But that is all over now!! I have joined the hundreds of others who enjoy this “sport” of bowling – and let me tell you I didn’t know how serious some people take this! It happened to be league night at the bowling alley…interesting crowd. It took me a while to figure out why there were people walking around with rolling suitcases – no one told me to pack for a trip! From wrist guards, to high-tech “bowling” shoes, game shirts, suitcases of bowling balls….wow, it’s a whole nuther world!

I had very good teachers and cheerleaders (I think they were just getting a kick out of helping me pick a ball, figure out the shoes, and being a part of this “first” experience) – my first game was pretty lame (scored a 63) but I came back and bowled/rolled/scored a 117, had a strike, and hit a spare! Go me!