Bowling – Check!

Did you know that the sport of bowling can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians? Me neither and, until last night, I had never bowled. This little tidbit about myself seemed to spark an interesting reaction in people: “You’re Kidding!”; “What is wrong with you?!”; “Have you been living under a rock?!”; or, as heard in India, “You call yourself an American?” – People, it’s bowling, what the hey?!

But that is all over now!! I have joined the hundreds of others who enjoy this “sport” of bowling – and let me tell you I didn’t know how serious some people take this! It happened to be league night at the bowling alley…interesting crowd. It took me a while to figure out why there were people walking around with rolling suitcases – no one told me to pack for a trip! From wrist guards, to high-tech “bowling” shoes, game shirts, suitcases of bowling balls….wow, it’s a whole nuther world!

I had very good teachers and cheerleaders (I think they were just getting a kick out of helping me pick a ball, figure out the shoes, and being a part of this “first” experience) – my first game was pretty lame (scored a 63) but I came back and bowled/rolled/scored a 117, had a strike, and hit a spare! Go me!



2 responses to “Bowling – Check!

  1. Competitive bowlers are terrifying people – I once knew someone who received a bowling scholarship for college. While his skill set included bowling a perfect game, it did NOT include social skills of any kind. Poor kid.

    Glad you had fun 🙂

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