Ready to Assemble

I stumbled upon a great buy at Kohls last week – a little bench with storage cubbies. At $40 it was a steal, and I’m always up for assembling furniture – what the heck, right?

To get started you need: Furniture to Assemble and a Qualified Supervisor


Next Step: Make sure you have all the pieces indicated on the instruction sheet and necessary tools. The supervisor will oversee this process, ensuring that nothing is overlooked.



Finally: After a couple of hours of trying to decipher the poor directions, yelling some choice words at the instruction paper, and taking the mandatory break to play “fetch” … it is time for quality control testing.


Based on that face, I’m not sure the product is getting a “Pass”, maybe give it a little time?

Yup – think it is gonna work out just fine!





One response to “Ready to Assemble

  1. At least you tried to follow the instructions. Being of the male variety of humans on planet Earth, I rarely use the supplied instruction manual. Following the instruction manual is much like stopping to ask directions when travelling (both of which are out of the scope of a man’s practice). Not to mention, the instructions usually need translation, an PhD in mechanical engineering, and a lot of alcohol to properly follow and construct such simple pieces of furniture!

    Glad to see that you were able to correctly assemble your furniture without much hassle and that Construction Project Supervisor, Ruby, was able to give it a 2 paws up! It looks like it was well worth the $40 as well!

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