A Slight Spring Break

Having successfully completed my first quarter as a professor at UNOH, I decided that Ruby and I needed a break. It so happened that LaQuinta was running a booking special, so I signed us up for 3 nights in Lexington, KY.

The Lexington CVB has a nifty “70 Free Things to Do” guide on their website (http://www.visitlex.com/idea/freebies.php) – this sounded very appealing and the weather would be awesome enough that I could take Ruby with me, we could do some things together, and I could leave her in the car without worrying.

Alas, this was not to be. Warmest Spring on record – with two days hitting in the mid-80s. The trip was cut short by a night, I didn’t visit the Kentucky Horse Park or do a couple other planned adventures but it was still a fun time. What did I see???

1) Masterson Station Dog Park: 15 acres of awesomeness. It is broken into two sections (big dog – small/slow dog) and is very well maintained. Ruby loved it (so much so that we went three times in the 2 nights in town). I have learned that my dog is actually very well-trained – who knew! She had fun with some other dogs but paid attention to me when I asked her to do something. All that training so worth it!  The other best part, she was exhausted afterwards, slept the entire drive back to Lima without stirring!


2) Kentucky Scenic Byway:  A beautiful and relaxing drive around various horse farms.

3)  Wine Tasting: I took a trip to Equus Run Vineyards and did some sampling of their wines. I rate them just ok but it was a pretty drive and a nice experience.

4) Bourbon tasting: I’m saving the Kentucky Bourbon Trail for a different trip – but I did take the opportunity to go visit Woodford Reserve and do a tasting. I was informed that their bourbon is a “sipping whiskey” and “not like those people down in Tennessee who shoot it” – ummm ok then!

5)  Apart from doing some driving around, my last big event was Keenland Race Track. It is free to go watch morning workouts. (I’ll post those pictures in their own post) I had a great time!

I wasn’t able to dine at a couple of places I was hoping to check out (always a next time!), but I did have a very nice dinner at Natasha’s Bistro & Bar. The food is termed as “New American” and the menue is a mixture of Mediterranean, American, Indian, Hungarian, and other ethnic cuisines. I ordered the “Midnight Chicken”, chicken, onions, green peppers and raisins over basmati rice with a mild yellow curry. Coupled with Kentucky Champagne (Maker’s Mark, Southern Comfort, and Mountain Dew). It was yummy, the service was magnificent, and there is live music every night!

Other trip highlights included the flat screen HD TV and King-size bed at La Quinta. 🙂 Even Ruby thought so.


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