Bridges, Skorpers, and Summer Road Trips

This trip can probably be categorized as the most expensive trip to a bakery ever made. I polled my friends via Facebook for ideas on a day trip. My friend Mari had the brilliant idea that I could go to Ashtabula, OH, and then I could get her skorpers.

What are skorpers? Skorpers are a Finnish baked goods that look like long slices of bread; they are crunchy and are good dunked in coffee. Also, they are hard to find.



Cinnamon Skorpers

Cinnamon Skorpers

Ashtabula, OH, was the winner for the day trip.

Ashtabula county is home to 18 covered bridges. I saw 3 and they were awesome. The weather for the trip was less than desirable, it rained almost the entire time but did stop long enough for me to shoot the bridges. 🙂

Realizing that I was only 40 miles from PA, I took a drive to Erie, PA. Then I realized that I was 100 miles from Buffalo, NY and almost ended up going to Niagara Falls 🙂 However, after a quick research session, decided to save that for another trip.

I do want to go back to Ashtabula county. I didn’t visit any of the wineries and I think that would be good fun, hopefully with better weather!

Side note: Approximately 400 miles later, Mari is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her box of skorpers in the mail.

Places visited: Hil-Mak Seafood Restaurant (seafood basket was yummy), Downtown Ashtabula, Point Park, Benetka Road Bridge, Olins Bridge, and Smolen-Gulf Bridge