Meet Me in St.Louis

My recent vacation took me to visit St.Louis, MO. The highlight of my trip was spending time with a good friend (that I hadn’t seen in 4 years). Everything else was a fun bonus – it was an awesome trip.

1. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial a.k.a. “The Arch”

Pretty awesome. I didn’t go up (the wait was 60 min and I don’t do well with waits), however it was worth walking through the museum. Super informative and the Park Rangers are super.

2. Fox Theatre

This theatre was built in the 1920’s and is beautifully ornate. The day I went there was an open house to celebrate the beginning of the season.

3. Other Sightings

St. Louis University was a visit while I was in St. Louis. It is a beautiful campus that sits several blocks away from the Fox Theatre. Ruby and I visited the dog park across from campus. There are a variety of sculptures that decorate the park, it is an interesting site.

Overall it was a spectacular trip and I would love to go back. Ruby was impressed with how dog friendly the city is. (Always a bonus!)