Taking a moment to breathe…in the Italian Alps

Located in the Aosta Valley in Italy sits a beautiful property – Hotellerie De Mascognaz. The property was once a thriving/living village (1300s) and in 1901 was christened as a place of meditation and peace by a group of artists (poet, painter, and philosopher).

Today the village still lives. The tranquility and peace are open for those who are open to it. The nine buildings that make up the village contain a total of 23 rooms (combination of suites and standard rooms) housed in various chalets. The essence of the architecture and history has been beautifully preserved whilst blended with luxurious and modern touches. Mountain meets modern meets rustic all encased in luxury finishes and excellent service.

At the end of a long semester, this has proven to be the perfect escape. To step outside and listen to nothing but the wind and creek – to see only the mountains surrounding you (the Monte Rosa featured beautifully and a short hike provides views of the Matterhorn). Enjoying the moment and the chance to breathe and regroup –

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