SJL1: Because Love…

Summer Journey Leg 1 (SJL1) – Tahoe City

Let’s cover the touristy stuff first 🙂

Lodging: Pepper Tree Inn – Great location in town with spectacular views of the lake. The staff is friendly and the continental breakfast is fresh with a variety of selections. Ask for a room on the 7th floor, the view is spectacular.


Food selections:

Jakes’s on the Lake: Try the Vegan Falafelwich with Edamame salad! A little on the pricey side but the view is spectacular and there is a beer garden that makes for a perfect spot to get together with friends (and is dog friendly!)

Lunch delights

A vegan meal at Jake’s on the Lake

Tahoe Mountain Brewery – Lake Tahoe Brewpub: The patio is prime seating – I had a Blood Orange Saison paired with a Bacon Black & Blue Burger with the House Made Chips – delightful! Pricing is reasonable.


Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co

Fat Cat Bar & Grill: A great little spot – live music with good bar menu and mixed drink selection. I went for The Cat’s Meow (well it was made with Templeton Rye sooooo). The lamb burger with sweet potato fries were delish and the service was great.

The Cat's Meow

Templeton Rye Whiskey for the win

Things to do:

There are so many things to do in the area – a car is recommended. If you don’t have a car there are plenty of water activities, great bike and hiking paths (bikes available for rent), shops for those looking to get their shopping fix – and all within walking distance! All in all the views are absolutely spectacular. Avoid the weekends if possible – traffic really picks up with bars and restaurants being full.


The primary reason for this trip was because my friend was getting hitched to her forever boy – the wedding was perfect and the couple was beaming with love that radiated to those around them.

Being in the mountains has been incredible. Sun, water, cool air, the smell of the pine trees, the sound of the wind rustling through the Aspens…the perfect way to start the summer. More than the scenery, more than the food, the past couple of days have been perfect because I’ve been surrounded by what matters the most…

Ships on the lake

Ships on Lake Tahoe

Friends, Family, Laughter, Dancing, Celebration – Perfection!

Strolling the lake


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Let’s Do This


May the memories be forever part of your soul

4 years ago I started Mission Ph.D. Flashforward to May 2018 – Mission Accomplished. Very anti-climatic on that delivery (Newsflash: It is basically the same way in real life!)

I had a mental image of how life would be after graduation – things didn’t exactly pan out that way. It took me a little bit to wrap my head around that things weren’t going per plan. Adjust, Adapt, Overcome. (Ok so it wasn’t that quick and easy but for sake of brevity we shall pretend).

A joyous occasion in Tahoe City gave me a chance to travel. Since I was a couple of time zones away already, why not travel more? So a plan, of sorts, formed. A plan that isn’t set in stone and that is the beauty of it!

I’ve been lax on the blogging and haven’t been inspired to pick up my camera (PhD and all) so part of my goal for this trip is to 1) take pictures – be it phone or camera and 2) blog.

The itinerary to date: 

  1. Tahoe City (Plane)
  2. Portland area – Silver Falls State Park (Automobile)
  3. Seattle (Train – was supposed to be the Starlight Coast but due to a tunnel being repaired I’m on some prosaic regional train)
    1. Olympic NP
    2. Rainier NP
    3. Fox Island
  4. Great Falls, MT (Plane)
  5. Red Lodge, MT (Automobile)

No return date (which made packing very interesting!)


1 suitcase, 1 duffle, 1 backpack…no return date

Activities on deck: Hiking, Horseback riding, Camping, Exploring, Working out, Laughing, Enjoying time with Family and Friends

I think what I’m looking forward to the most is rediscovering my happy again. I recently watched Lord of the Rings and for the first time I identified with Frodo…you don’t walk into the flames and emerge the same person you were before the flames touched you. However, I really wish to be like Bilbo Baggins (the movie character- The Hobbit) for all the change and the loss, he never lost his sense of wonder, his positive outlook on life.

So here is to moving forward post-PhD, transforming, and finding out what this new chapter has in store for me…

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