Who Dat? (roughly translated: About Me)

Life is all about adventure!

When I began this blog, I had spent the previous 3 years living between Wyoming and Florida.  The phrases “weird” and “why?” are probably going through your mind, so I’ll answer both – from May-October I worked at The Hideout, a working guest ranch in the thriving metropolis of Shell, WY (pop.50).  In the winter I came back to the home state of Florida (I’m a wimp and couldn’t hack the -30F winters)

My time living the life as a seasonal-being came to an end and I managed procure a “big girl” job! Only it was still a pretty sweet deal and, happily, not the “9 to 5” norm. As of January 2012, I began my life as a Professor of Travel and Hospitality at a private university in Ohio. I was very nervous, excited, and looked forward to what the future held.

I spent two years in Ohio and then made the decision to go back to school to pursue a Ph.D. When my students asked “why you leave us??!!?”, my response was that they inspired me to go back to school and better my knowledge so that I could become a better professor (and this is the absolute truth). The decision to go back to school also led me back home to Florida, for which I am very happy – as Dorothy said: “there is no place like home!”

May 2018. I gradumacated!!!!! This blog started at the beginning of my first teaching job, and no intention of furthering my education…I then enrolled in a doctoral program and have now finished it! My dissertation was covering sustainable drive tourism in the national parks via usage of electric vehicles. It has been a journey akin to a roller coaster but I prevailed and am now a Ph.D.! This blog continues to be a way for me to share my adventures and work on some non-academic writing.

I’ve taken an interest in photography in the last couple years and hopefully, this blog will help me to share my adventures, both of the exotic and everyday norm, visually!


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