Adventures in Others

I’ve been super blessed to have such amazing support around me, from my parents to my friends to just random people I’ve met along life’s journey.

Since I’m a believer in the cosmic giving circle, find blogs of some of my very awesome friends – feel free to check out their journeys and be inspired by their adventures!


Lynn was such a help to me when I started in education and I enjoy reading her blogs, as I find them helpful (or at least relatable!)


Follow my good friend Chris on his journey backpacking through Central and South America! He is an excellent photographer, his pictures are sure to delight!


This blog has fitness, food and fun! Follow Pam as she lives life to her fabulously fluffy fullest!


*Feel free to check back frequently as I’ll update with blogs from other friends. BTW: I only recommend those people whom I know, so be sure these are peeps that I’ve met, spent time with, worked with, etc.