Take a Risk…Have an Experience

I knew nothing about grid league until recently. The newly formed Orlando Aces, part of the Florida Grid League, had two open tryouts. Players specialize in body weight movements (they do the ‘sexy’ stuff like muscle ups and hand stand pushups), barbell specialists (moving lotsa weight hella fast), and utility players (the badasses that can do everything).

For the first combine (aka tryout), I was able to grab clicks and watch the excitement (I loved every moment of it!). As to the second combine… after a little push, a shove, some subtle-not-so-sublet hints, and a tad bit of bullying, I tried out this week as a barbell specialist.


Did I make the team? NO! Not even close lol. The girls that did were spectacular and super impressive. What did happen? Well, I had a great time and I surprised myself with how I did do. To be VERY clear, I had zero expectations and after seeing the girls that were moving the weight around I knew I was definitely not making the cut. However, having only practiced cycling the heavier weight for a week – I was VERY happy with my performance. This did reaffirm that I love moving weight around, however for now I’m going to focus on OLY lifts.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone isn’t easy, however the trick is to just have fun. Embrace the uncomfortable and don’t wind yourself up so tight that you loose sight of the reason you pushed yourself in the first place.

Personally, I think the Aces are going to do well (fine I’m biased!). They have the all the ingredients for success: sound vision, strong leadership, key support staff, and a solid, well rounded team. Most of all, they have a group of coaches who understand how to push athletes to work hard yet have a blast. All while making sure that all the wheels are turning towards success.


One of the best parts for me was being able to support some super friends/athletes, throw down with some amazing athletes, get coaching advice from pros, and have a great time with friends.

To the entire organization I wish only the best…give em’ hell and remember to enjoy the experience!



When Winter Comes…

Some days you take pictures of random people competing at events…

Yesterday, at War on Wall Street, 2017 Winter Games, I got to take pictures of my family, leaving everything they had on the floor in the name of competition.

Crossfit is about community. There is nothing more amazing than watching people from all walks of life, different boxes, and different athletic backgrounds all come together.

It was/is an honor to support and cheer for these amazingly awesome people. They mean more to me than they will ever realize.

Here are 10 of my fav shots…

Top of the Box: Edition T+T

The creative coaching minds at Crossfit Troika put together a competition style event in which teams are randomly created and athletes of all fitness levels can work together in a multi-wod event. The event is held once a month, typically on a Friday, and is hosted by various boxes across the Central Florida area. The purpose of the event is to promote community building and teamwork while having fun!

Crossfit Taino hosted the Top of the Box event this month and it was such good fun!

I’ve missed the several of the previous events (including when my home-box hosted) so I was very excited to attend this event. I was initially very intimidated to take part, as the majority of the athletes were experienced and advanced athletes (I’m very much a beginner!). Thanks to my teammates (I was lucky to have been randomly paired with a long-time teammate) and the assistance of those around me, I did very well and the nerves quickly dissipated.

I continue to be in awe of the crossfit community. Everyone is friendly and supportive. It is the one place that for just a little while I feel as if I’m not being judged by how heavy I am, rather I’m seen as just another athlete. Don’t get me wrong, being surrounded by six-pack abs, hot-squat booties, and overall athletic bodies that are made for fitness magazines, is a little overwhelming … but the focus is on enjoying the journey, supporting each other, and being good ambassadors for the sport and community. Music, laughter and fitness are paired with good vibes and, in my mind, that is the formula for a good time!

The turnout was great, the event was organized, and everyone had such fun. I managed to grab some clicks after my team’s heat was up (lucky for me we competed in the first heat, so I could take pics the next couple rounds). I’ve never multitasked as both competitor and photographer before, so it was rather interesting!

A special thanks to Crossfit Taino for allowing me to photograph and to all who were so friendly and supportive!

(Hopefully all facts regarding the event are correct! I apologize profusely if I missed giving any credit to where it is due!)

Active Heroes – Military Veteran Suicide Wod

22 veterans a day commit suicide.

Active Heroes is an organization committed to providing support and tools to support active military, veterans, and their families. Crossfit Hunter’s Creek participated in a virtual WOD brought together Crossfit boxes from around the country to raise awareness and show support for active military, veterans, and their families. It was an honor to capture the moments of CFHC as the members participated in this special WOD.