End Chapter…a look back

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As an another chapter of my life’s adventure comes to an end, a new one begins. However, I took the time to browse through clicks from the past two years and enjoyed reliving some fun moments. (I also realized that I lost a ton of photos when my flash drive crashed and burned….RIP photos) Here […]

A dining surprise

Having a day off from work is always fun, especially when there is a friend to go exploring with.

The day took me, Mari, and Ruby to Bluffton, OH. On the advice from my amazing co-worker, we decided to have lunch at the Mustard Seed Cafe and what an adorable little place! The Cafe was once a train depot and is now a cute little restaurant that seats approx 30 (to give you an idea of size). Mari went with the “Mustard Seed Pasta” and I decided upon the “Brisket Stuffed Peppers” – both were delish! For dessert I had a “butterscotch and walnut scone” and Mari went with a “mango sorbet” – YUMY!

Afterwards we strolled through downtown Bluffton (all 3 blocks). With it being Good Friday most of the stores were closed however Mari did venture into a small bakery (and came out with “hot cross buns” and other treats).

All in all, it was a great half-day adventure and I would go back to eat at the Mustard Seed without hesitation!

Hello 2014!!! Nothing says/screams “WELCOME BACK TO OHIO!” like returning to loads of snow, a.k.a. Polar Vortex/Snowmageddon/Snowpocalypse.

I was excited to be snowed in with my mom and, given that she returned to FL at the end of the week, made the most of her time in the snow.

Bridges, Skorpers, and Summer Road Trips

This trip can probably be categorized as the most expensive trip to a bakery ever made. I polled my friends via Facebook for ideas on a day trip. My friend Mari had the brilliant idea that I could go to Ashtabula, OH, and then I could get her skorpers.

What are skorpers? Skorpers are a Finnish baked goods that look like long slices of bread; they are crunchy and are good dunked in coffee. Also, they are hard to find.



Cinnamon Skorpers

Cinnamon Skorpers

Ashtabula, OH, was the winner for the day trip.

Ashtabula county is home to 18 covered bridges. I saw 3 and they were awesome. The weather for the trip was less than desirable, it rained almost the entire time but did stop long enough for me to shoot the bridges. 🙂

Realizing that I was only 40 miles from PA, I took a drive to Erie, PA. Then I realized that I was 100 miles from Buffalo, NY and almost ended up going to Niagara Falls 🙂 However, after a quick research session, decided to save that for another trip.

I do want to go back to Ashtabula county. I didn’t visit any of the wineries and I think that would be good fun, hopefully with better weather!

Side note: Approximately 400 miles later, Mari is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her box of skorpers in the mail.

Places visited: Hil-Mak Seafood Restaurant (seafood basket was yummy), Downtown Ashtabula, Point Park, Benetka Road Bridge, Olins Bridge, and Smolen-Gulf Bridge

Ruby Sunday

It’s been a little while since posting last. Not too much has happened but after being inside, and being sick, I decided to get out and go for a drive. Ruby was very happy to get out of the house.

The drive took us to the local university and we discovered a small memorial to Veterans. I remembered to grab the camera as I walked out the door and here are a couple clicks of the morning’s outing.

Happy Dog Ruby

Checking out the baseball stadium

Checking out the baseball stadium

Lounging Tribute

Each brick is inscribed with a tribute

Each brick is inscribed with a tribute

IMG_3619 Semper Fi

Staying Warm

We have had just a tad bit of snow over the past couple days. Ruby loves getting out and romping through the snow, there is no such thing as “too cold” for her.


After burrowing her face in the snow ...

After burrowing her face in the snow …

All bundled up for the winter weather

All bundled up for the winter weather

Not a fan of the photo shoot

Not a fan of the photo shoot

Surprise finds

Going through some photos and trying to find a good shot to enter in a “people” category for the local fair….came across these fun ones taken of my sister (and Ruby!)