The City of Brotherly Love

Cityscapes aren’t my forte (and less so at night). I had a great time exploring the city with classmates and loved being able to pull out the camera and practice.


Feeling history

A research conference took me to Philadelphia. I was able to take advantage of some down time and walk the city. I was impressed at how walk-able and easy to navigate it was.┬áThe only thing on my “to-do” list was to see the Liberty Bell. I did. It was an incredible experience, the history, the story, the knowledge that the United States of America, as I know it, began in this location.


Liberty Bell with Independence Hall in the background


Museum Kas Di Palmi Maishi – a UNESCO Heritage site

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The Museum Kas Di Palmi Maishi is a must see while in Curacao – it presents the island’s history from the Indians to the abolition of slavery. By┬ácapturing history, the museum shows the strength of the people who fought and freed themselves from slavery.