When Winter Comes…

Some days you take pictures of random people competing at events…

Yesterday, at War on Wall Street, 2017 Winter Games, I got to take pictures of my family, leaving everything they had on the floor in the name of competition.

Crossfit is about community. There is nothing more amazing than watching people from all walks of life, different boxes, and different athletic backgrounds all come together.

It was/is an honor to support and cheer for these amazingly awesome people. They mean more to me than they will ever realize.

Here are 10 of my fav shots…


Faces of CrossFit

Athletes are known for the faces they make in the heat of the moment. Crossfitters are no exception.

It’s a feeling

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It is hard work…It is team work…It is supporting the people around you regardless of size or skill level…It is blood, sweat, and tears…It is a parade of workout fashion…It is hot bodies…It is intense…It is athleticism…It is pushing yourself mentally and physically to see what you are made of…It is epic…   It.Is.CrossFit.